Peaceful resolution

Allow us to be your guides as we navigate the complexities with you. We offer something different - there will be no parent shaming, criticism, or devaluing of others - instead we'll help you uncover a hidden path so you can build the future you wish based on common ground.  In the process we'll teach you the keys to success for the days ahead too!

Don't give away your voice and power to the family courts to make your decisions.  Make them yourself!

Build the future you want and retain your voice.

For a fraction of the cost of a family lawyer - we offer a competitive rate for couples or families on the brink of heading into the family court system.   

Jen and Lisa have teamed up - as licensed pastors, one is a lawyer, the other a mediator - to offer you a way navigating your circumstances while retaining your voice, balancing out power struggles, leaning into the assets that are on the table.  Together, we will guide you through a "mediation process with a twist" that doesn't require a retainer and is truly transformative for everyone participating.  We work to eliminate war zone atmosphere so you and kids don't live with that sort of toxicity in your life. 

This means you get both of us - supporting you and walking you through a mediation-style process. We bring our authenticity, our genuine care for you and your family, and our experiences into safe spaces to move to your articulated destination of life.  We also offer unique supportive environments that help you achieve a sense of wholeness throughout the experience and after.  

We'll help you build consensus on a plan everyone can agree to moving forward and then point you towards the next steps to have it signed as an order - if you wish. 

Please schedule a 30 minute FREE Zoom consultation with us and set up a time that works for you.  Share your story and we'll let you know a good place to start as well connecting you to resources to help you along in this season of life.

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