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Interested in becoming a Pop-Up Mediation Site?

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We partner with other organizations serving families looking to
offer affordable on-site mediation with our trained Rule 114
Qualified Neutrals. We believe in offering peaceful pathways
to address family conflict to promote well-being for all.

What is the cost for families?
$37.50/hour per parent or $75/hr for family mediation.

What types of mediation can you do?
Divorce, Post-Decree, Parenting Issues, Family Relationships, and
any family-related matter you need to be addressed.

What is the requirement of a Pop-Up Site?
We offer an affordable mediation rate and hope to locate sites offering 
comfort and rest to stressed or weary people. 

If you have space that allows for confidential conversations with areas
to take a break, you might be a great fit! We are looking for sites willing
to host our mediators 1-4 days a month (days or evenings are ok
and can be set with the local mediator).

Our mediators can provide a certificate of insurance.

We currently partner with various spaces,
such as retreat centers,
nonprofits, community centers, and churches. 

Can our organization make referrals to families?
You sure can. Our team is ready to support and meet your families
right where they are at your familiar location. We are capable
of drafting agreements needed for families that were referred
to mediation by the court too.

Can we charge a Pop-Up Site Rental Cost?
We know you've got bills to pay, too - we have some locations
that allow us to come in free of charge as a needed program brought
in-house to families, while others charge us a low hourly/daily
rate for rent. This should be addressed with the local mediator(s)
at a fair rate for all.

What happens in Restorative Family Mediation?
Restorative Family Mediation is different from other formats and
focuses on leveraging conflict as an opportunity to build stronger
families no matter what they determine for their agreement.
It doesn't feel like an extension of the courtroom.
We value relationships, resolution, restoration, and reconciliation.
We take a strengths-based approach - carrying the flag of hope for peace.

We bring food and beverages to help people settle in.
We create an atmosphere of peace, trust, and safety and neutrally facilitate discussions in a way that helps people build agreements that work for them. 

Do I have to worry about liabilities as a Pop-Up Site?

Our mediators carry liability insurance and are happy to have
a facility-use agreement put into place and provide a
Certificate of Insurance if you would like.
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