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Virtual Workshops for Families you serve

Our workshop series are designed for families of all kinds. This is a customizable opportunity! Equip the families you serve directly with our virtual circles workshop series. Families will be introduced to the most basic form of Circle. Then they will journey forward together to be equipped to establish values, work through grief/loss, misunderstandings and building celebratory legacies.  This creates stronger families! Unlimited number of families can register.

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Individual Training

If you are looking to add another skill to your portfolio to serve families - this is for you. Become equipped in Circle Keeping specific to families.

Training is currently limited to online with COVID-19 until Fall 2020.

Team Talk

Team Training

Providers working with families across human services, family law, therapeutic services, churches, etc can be trained and equipped to open up new ways to provide long-term success for families.  A great way to invest in your people!


Opportunities for Kinship Families

In partnership and funded with Minnesota DHS Kinship Navigator Program!  We've got 2 free options for the families you serve and support.  Restorative Circles for kinship families for one on one support OR join one of our workshop series offered August 1-Sept 30, 2020.


What people are saying

Non-Profit - Safe Families for Children

50 of our staff did a 4 hour virtual circle experience to determine if we had "buy-in" from our team.  We were blown away at how quickly people picked up the idea and started implementing.

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