Restorative Leadership Certificate - 20 hrs




Training Dates Offered via Zoom

8 am - 5 pm CST:

Sept 21-22, 2022 @ Crown College

Nov 21-22, 2022 @ Crown College

Jan 11-12, 2023 @ Crown College

April 19-20, 2023 @ Crown College

We offer a 2 day online leadership intensive equipping you in restorative leadership and circle facilitation. This unique leadership training course prepares you to integrate a restorative skill into whatever sphere of influence you have or wish to engage in.

Developing the knowledge and skill of Circle will transform the way you lead others and provide services - setting you apart from your peers. You'll experience and practice the art of Circle in our 20 hour training, while also looking deeper at the human needs and relationships that are at stake while leading or providing services.


You'll learn restorative and circle philosophy, Friedman's theory of addressing anxiety and self-differentiation, and the "how-to's" to create environments for individuals or families to work through conflict, harm, or disunity.


This training is life-changing and will transform you into a highly effective leader as we customize our role-playing for your contexts. Walk out of training with a newfound skill and seeing endless possibilities!



  • Restorative Leadership Training Manual

  • Includes 4 hours of pre-work self-study videos and reading (Pre-work available 2 wks prior to 2 day roleplay).

  • 2 day leadership training is live Zoom role-play in high conflict scenarios related to family law, child welfare, and other scenarios the participants have interest in. Roleplaying occurs in small groups.



Excellent for those in helping professions, pastors, therapists, lawyers, any level of leadership in a professional setting, parents, social workers, and nonprofit leaders of all sorts.

Excellent also for the integration of healing/support environments for those working with victims of harm, crime, abuse, or trauma.

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Creating safe environments to discuss sensitive issues is critical to the needs of victims and those willing to take the lead on domestic violence.

Certificate is approved for 15 hrs CLEs & 20 hrs CEs for Social Work.

Meet the Trainer


Lisa Welter, MA in Transformational Leadership & Doctoral Student at Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, MN.