Full Circle Certification Program

Who's a good fit for Full Circle?

Full Circle is designed for those with a pioneering mindset and a passion to help families find biblical justice. If you have a love for learning, seeking out development opportunities, and are wanting to building your own ministry or practice - Full Circle is for you! 


We will equip and support your leadership growth throughout the program as you gain understanding/transformation personally to then bring to families, your community, and local justice system. It's truly a ministry opportunity of a lifetime for those who follow Jesus and want to change the world.  


How long is the program?  Our program lasts 12 months - meeting weekly with our leadership team for several hours.  Program length is 160 hours with teaching, personal development, leadership assessments, group coaching, practicum hours, and a final capstone project to fully launch your ministry/practice. 

Weekly commitment is approximately 3 hours either in class or independent study/learning.  Holiday breaks will apply for 4 weeks of the 12 months.


How large are class sizes?  We have designed our ministry certification program to be very personal.  You'll be assigned to a cohort of 10 leaders or less.

Are we meeting in person or online?  Full Circle teaching curriculum is online and practicum hours also online but can be in-person based on student's wishes.  The capstone project will be your locally designed model that will require you to interact with local leaders/agencies.

What is the application process? All applicants will complete our application form, submit it to our leadership team for review.  Applicants will invited for an interview process with our interview committee.  Acceptance/Denial letters will be sent within 2 wks of final interview.  Initial deposit of $300 is required within 14 business days of acceptance letter date to hold leader's seat in desired cohort.

Curriculum/Coursework Topics

Cohort Start/End Dates 2021-22

Cost of Program

160 Hour – Full Circle Certification Program – $1,799 

Early Enrollment Discount:

$300 discount applies to each leader who completes enrollment (including initial deposit of $300) on or before the last business day 2 months prior to the class start date.

Additional Costs:

$50 Leadership Assessments

$75 Textbooks (Estimated)


Application Form & Required Information

Step 1: Fill out our Enrollment Application, include resume & Statement of Purpose.

Step 2: Email to

Step 3: Prepare for initial interview.