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Do you work directly with child maltreatment or in prevention?

Bring restorative circles and family mediation skills to your everyday work with families. After TFM 43 hr training, you be certified as a family mediator that is recognized by the family courts, but you'll want give yourself an edge to change the narrative for families through your leadership.

4th Wednesdays 11:30-1pm CST

Quarterly SubscriptionS are $100 or 12 months for $360

Coaching Cohort meets via Zoom

Your Coach


YOUR skills to lead

October-December (Community-based Prevention & Intervention) 

  • Preventing child abuse through community-driven TFM

  • Introduction of TFM in child welfare interventions

  • CPS & restorative circles: Can volunteers promote child safety & addressing parent needs?

January-March (Foster Care & Reunification)

  • Out of home placements: Addressing children’s needs for belonging and stability early on

  • Using TFM in reunification 

  • Setting up bio families for success - personalized workshops

April-June (Moving forward when harm happens)

  • Using TFM when parental rights are terminated

  • Transformative support & accountability for biological parents addressing harm done to children

  • Healing from harm (Healing Circles for Parents, children, or family unit)

July-September (Investing in your foster providers)

  • Foster or Kinship families: Stabilizing households

  • Teens or At-Risk Youth: How to guide difficult conversations & transform behavior

  • Investing to retain your foster families

Lisa Welter

Founder of TKG, Child Welfare - Prevention Nonprofit national leader, Social Services Community Collaboration Award-Winner - 18 counties