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Our office provides direct restorative mediation services to families involved in child welfare  in several Twin Cities metro counties and south central counties in MN through our diverse team of Restorative Family Mediators. Counties select a focus area or leave it broad for general child welfare referrals. It's up to the county! 

Serving Child Welfare & CPS

Restorative Family Mediation differs from Family Group Conferencing and adheres to a Code of Ethics. MN Rule 114 standards ensure everyone can exercise self-determination (free will) and be treated fairly without coercion in private settings. Highly trained restorative neutral facilitators, bound to a Code of Ethics and focused on resolution, restoration, or reconciliation, can change trajectories as people feel respected, heard, and understood in crucial life moments.

Family Mediation

Restorative Circle

Mediation & Circle Join Forces creates an exceptionally strong and safe environment to talk through difficult matters and come out with a solid plan and agreement.

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