Equipping families and couples to live together well is a big task! Let us take some of that burden off your shoulders.  Invite us to host workshops for couples or for families.

Reconciliation is at the core of the faith community.

3 Effective & Simple Ways

Fostering reconciliation skills for your congregation.

Make a referral

Let us guide this family. We'll lean in and identify a starting point while also equipping families in the Circle technique. Families can decide if it works for them to continue.

Each family works on areas of common ground to establish a potential next step towards healing or resolution.

Consider covering the cost of their initial Circle to get them started.

Offer Family Workshops

We take a biblical framework approach and then teach families the basic skills in Circles to try at home. Set up one workshop or an entire series.  We offer virtually or in-person.

Workshops for Pre-Marriage

Taking the biblical framework and equipping couples before they get married in healthy ways to work through hard conversations. We know they are going to need it, so let's set them up for success.  Our facilitators can offer 1:1 or a workshop style for larger Pre-Marriage groups.

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