Partnering with Family Therapists & Social Workers

Mediation Certificates for Emerging or Current Therapists & Social Workers

Every emerging and current family therapist and social workers should have the basic skills in family mediation. Taking our TFM course, means you don't have to go get trained from an institution that isn't philosophically aligned your primary training related to family systems.

Our 40-hour TFM training fully compliments the Bowen Theory. We evaluate conflict from a broken relationship perspective within a human being and how highly anxious people systems function.

Simply register for the training dates of your choice and select the appropriate training method preferred. Please note during role-playing you will engage with a variety of participants that may or may not share your training background. (**This is intentional to prepare you for high conflict environments with diverse voices.)

We really care about kids and families.
Check out our kids journal and other resources for parents.

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When kids
clam up and need support.

IT'S YOUR PATH is a tried and tested (by both caregivers and kids) journal. Designed for 7-12 year olds to work through their inner conflict during a season of difficulty, transition, or grief.