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Our team works together to give you the best possible mediation experience. 

Email or call our Team Lead, Rachel Kennedy, to get started or ask questions.

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Domestic Violence Concerns

At The Katallasso Group, our mediation approach is built on self-determination, respect, responsibility, and relationship. We aim to empower families to resolve their disputes using their strengths, voices, and expertise in their family system.


As Qualified Neutrals under MN Rule 114, trained in Restorative Family Mediation™, our specialized mediation team has additional training and experience in facilitating mediation with families who have experienced (past or present) domestic violence concerns. We understand that mediation is often utilized in very high-stress/high-conflict situations, and the process can seem challenging, overwhelming, or sometimes even impossible.


We strive to create and protect a safety-oriented and power-balanced environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing to the resolution process. This can be done in various ways, and we use creative methods to support the individualized needs of each situation. Mediation sessions may be conducted in person or virtually, and together or in separate rooms. The sessions may include food, visual aids, and/or other unique ideas to promote a productive, future-focused resolution for you and your family. 

Restorative Family Mediation

Safe & Balanced

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