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Filing Your Agreement to the Court

An agreement or Memorandum of Agreement made in mediation is non-binding until properly submitted to the Court for a judge's signature. If you have a post-decree agreement ready to be submitted to the court, you can rest assured that our team has help for this too! 


We know incredible lawyers willing to help craft an order and submit that to the court at the same hourly rate of $75/hr!

There is a one-hour minimum charge for this scrivener service.

This team is not representing you;
 they are helping you file the proper paperwork to obtain a Court Order. 

Court filing fees are a separate charge - where applicable. 


We recommend working with an attorney with the Collaborative Law Institute to complete your divorce paperwork. Collaborative Law Institute attorneys, family-neutral specialists, and financial-neutral specialists can help couples, through a voluntary collaborative divorce, reach mutual agreements using out-of-court processes. Your collaborative team of professionals completed specific training on this out-of-court process and will assist you. This organization offers sliding scale fees to qualifying couples. Please check out the website for additional information.

Legal counsel is ready to help you file your post-decree agreement.

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