Household Conflict 

Stressed and anxious about a matter between fighting teens and parents? Got an issue that needs intervention before the rest of the neighborhood notices?  Blended family issues?  Accountability? We totally get it. 

We offer transformative mediation for your people and craft agreements for all to embrace. This will offer a "new normal".  And peace...and quiet.

How do we know?  We've done it with our own families.

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What it looks like.

Our transformative mediation process is different from therapy and here's why. When the group comes together to lean in on sensitive matters - we work towards consensus together. Community doing the work together can be better than one to one support.

DivorceHigh Conflict Transformative Medi
DivorceHigh Conflict Transformative Medi

A better investment and cheaper than a year of therapy.

Optional, included in mediation agreement, no extra fees. Meant to fill your bucket.

Worth it's weight in gold! A custom workshop for your kids or new household to handle the future.