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Don't let your kids
be a shock absorber.

Transitions for kids are tough.

Grief, loss, and anger will come out somewhere.

We offer:

  • supportive environments for kids as you make decisions,

  • family workshops to get on the same page,

  • parent/child journals for you to strengthen your relationship with your kids.

Every family is different.

"Pick what fits and throw the rest on the side of the road."
- Kay Pranis


We customize workshops to fit your family needs. 

Blended families, teens, young ones, household rules, expectations, decision-making, and more.

Whatever need you have that arises in conflict, we can help offer peace to the household. 

Workshops are built into our transformative mediation process and customized based on family circumstance.

Please see rates and details at:

Select a family mediator that best fits your family dynamics and let's get started.

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