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What to Expect

We offer a weekend personal development retreat centered on biblical values and principles designed to empower youth and their parents. We aim to enrich participants’ lives, strengthen family bonds, and cultivate personal growth while nurturing family leadership.


Retreat Overview:


Our weekend away serves as a beacon of hope in a world where the fabric of family life can sometimes fray. By blending timeless biblical wisdom with modern principles, we have crafted a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on three key elements:


  1. Biblical Foundations: Participants will explore the profound biblical principles that underpin strong families, discovering how these values can be practically applied to their daily lives. We firmly believe a solid spiritual foundation is the cornerstone of resilient and thriving families.

  2. Personal Development: Our program offers a variety of discussions for parents and youth. Topics include self-identity, self-esteem, goal setting, decision-making, and values. Through interactive activities and engaging conversations, participants will be equipped with the tools to unlock their true potential.

  3. Family Bonding: We recognize the importance of open and honest communication within families. Through group discussions, dinners, and family time, our program creates opportunities for families to strengthen their connections, share their experiences, and identify areas for improvement. We offer Restorative Family Mediators to support your family in private breakout times, too.


Why Our Retreat?


Our program offers a structured, immersive, and reflective experience rooted in biblical values and principles that go beyond typical personal development workshops. Participants will gain valuable insights and learn how to practically apply these lessons in their daily lives.  


Goals and Outcomes:


The primary objectives of our retreat are to:

  • Strengthen family relationships and communication.

  • Cultivate personal growth and development for both youth and parents.

  • Instill biblical values as a guiding light for family life.

  • Foster a sense of empowerment and purpose within each family unit.

  • Encourage families to set and work toward common goals.

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