We have a goal to fight for family and keep kids safe in the justice process - whether it's our own family or it's families we serve. With 150 hearings in the court personally and the professional lens in child welfare - I've created something that has been missing. A relationship-focused mediation process designed to peacefully resolve conflict in a way that promotes well-being for all.

I've brought my two decades of learning as a mom engaged with the family courts, childhood abuse, divorce/domestic violence, and extended and blended family litigation and integrated it with my professional experience in child welfare and pastoral ministry to help you achieve better results than you are experiencing.

If you are a parent trying to parent with court orders - you've found the right group of people. Check out Restoring Home.

If you are looking for a different mediation style that invites opportunities to restore relationships and use conflict constructively: Check out our Restorative Family Mediation Training page.

If you want to launch a restorative family mediation program locally, ask Lisa to consult with you - email her at