The Center of Transformative Family Mediation

Committed to partner with local social service offices by offering customized Transformative Family Mediation services aligned with current needs.

Offering a restorative approach to family mediation

designed for child welfare

Our Center of Transformative Family Mediation is a program dedicated to providing exceptional relationship-focused alternative dispute resolution specifically for matters related to child welfare. 
We train and prepare "Rule 114 Qualified Neutrals" to provide a restorative approach, called circles, to family mediation scenarios in child welfare. Each "Qualified Neutral" is hand-selected by our team (after training) to provide direct services to local county offices. With our knowledge and experience in child welfare, we have seen the gaps and the difficulties of high conflict in these matters. We now offer your office a win/win scenario for judges, social services, and ultimately families and children. 
Our Center of Transformative Family Mediation intends to "lighten your staff load." We do this by coming alongside social workers and others to manage and address the high conflict, build plans of agreement or accountability, and involve the community's voice.
Yellow Medicine County, MN, has provided similar restorative support for over 20 years through their government offices. We observed the delight and happiness of their social services staff using restorative approaches at the earliest point of contact with families until case closure. The outcomes for families were transformative. The same families once struggling with CPS concerns transitioned to being volunteers for other conflicted families. We've learned from them and built parallel programming through mediation - a court-approved and community-based program. 
What if your social services staff had regular access to Transformative Family Mediation services for: 
building birth or safety plans,
out of home placements and reunification plans/decisions,
TPR meetings,
Juvenile-related matters, including truancy,
accountability for mental health/addiction with biological parents or teens,
kinship issues,
and more

The sky is the limit when it comes to the way TFM can be used to support your needs.
Please give us a call or send an email and ask for a presentation!
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