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Our Restorative System Response program is dedicated to providing exceptional relationship-focused alternative dispute resolution training and coaching specifically for matters related to child welfare.  You pick your focus, the team that needs to be trained, and your community providers. Some will need Transformative Family Mediation training while many only need Restorative Leadership training. Join a 1 year coaching cohort offering quarterly 1/2 day sessions related to practical issues around power, culture, leadership, and more. 
With our knowledge and experience in child welfare, we have seen the gaps and the difficulties of high conflict in these matters. We now offer your office a win/win scenario for judges, social services, and ultimately families and children. 
Trainings equip providers to manage and address high conflict situations in a restorative manner and build plans of agreement or accountability. Coaching supports the involvement of the local community's voice to support transformation in the lives impacted directly and indirectly.
Yellow Medicine County, MN, has provided similar restorative support for over 20 years through their government offices. We observed the delight and happiness of their social services staff using restorative approaches at the earliest point of contact with families until case closure. The outcomes for families were transformative. The same families once struggling with CPS concerns transitioned to being volunteers for other conflicted families. We've learned from them and built parallel programming through mediation - a court-approved and community-based program. 
Join one of our Transformative Family Mediation or Restorative Leadership trainings available at Crown College or request a live group rate training for your own community. Simply send us a note through our Contact Us form to request more information.
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