It's Your Path Parent/Child Journal
  • It's Your Path Parent/Child Journal

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    It's Your Path is a resource for you to connect with your child, much like God provides for us to communicate with him. God's written word never changes, his love is written throughout the Bible and we can go to it and be vulnerable because it's safe. Parents can create a similar space for their kids, and ultimately point them to God.  Use this journal to come alongside your child on their unique path, and let it provide a safe place to listen to their heart while they grow in faith.   Works great for kids to write in as parents tuck them into bed.  Place under their pillow as a place to keep safe and if they wish to process what they wrote, invite them to place it under your pillow when they are ready.  AMAZING to see what kids will share and process with their parent or caregiver!

    • A small, thin journal meant to tuck under a child's pillow. 6"x9"


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