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Like a fresh glass of water during life's difficult moments.

Our team of mediators have been through hard moments - just like you. You won't walk alone and can trust our leaders to guide you to a path that leads towards happier days in the near future. Every mediator has been trained by Lisa & Jen and has done the work in their own life to be in a position to serve people, families, and children.

Check out our team and chose the best fit for you.



Dana has 30 years of experience in the field of Social Work serving families in the capacities:

  • of family reunification through the court system,

  • in-home parent support and teaching parenting skills to women in drug and alcohol treatment,

  • providing needed services to families with special needs children and adults,

  • and hands on care and therapeutic treatment for children/teens in group home settings helping parents reclaim their roles as effective parents. 

She has an MA in Organizational Leadership and a strong commitment to faith in Christ. She's active in her church and using her talent to serve others. She has raised 3 children. Nothing has been wasted in the course of her own struggles with marriage, divorce, relationship defaults and childhood traumas. Today, she's culminated the wisdom and desire to help others live a well-rounded peaceful and meaningful existence.

Shelly Garrison-Mccoy

Shelly has 20+ years combined experience as a social worker for families/individuals with developmental disabilities and ministry that include:

  • support groups for single moms and divorced women, 

  • mind, body, and spirit health focus,

  • raising and working with children with special needs, 

  • and chronic mental and medical health issues.

She is a single mom of two male young adults and very familiar with custody arrangements, co-parenting through divorce, and raising her own boys while navigating the adjustments needed for special needs, chronic mental health and medial health challenges. Shelly has a BS in Psychology, is a life coach, and a professional family mediator and loves empowering others to see what is possible in life vs. the status quo. 

Jen konieczny

Jen has 20+ years of combined experience in the field of law, pastoral care, and ministry including:

  • asset protection,

  • conflict resolution in couples, families, teams, and interpersonal relationships,

  • leadership development focused on personal and spiritual maturity,

  • and helping others see the best in themselves and overcoming wounds or heartbreak moments. 

She has a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law, a B.S. from University of MN-Duluth, and is a Qualified Neutral. Jen is married to Mike and they have one teenage son. Jen's exceptionally gifted at identifying strengths and calling people to live courageously into a life of freedom. She is also our co-host on our podcast, Dear Family Courts. 

Celina Valadez

Celina has 20 + years management experience in the construction industry with a natural knack to organize complex details on behalf of others including: 

  • successful negotiations that make sense for all,

  • building strong relationships through earned trust and loyalty,

  • developing leaders and building healthy teams to accomplish their goals.

  • Now professionally trained as a family mediator - she leads families to a place of health and wholeness.

She also has a life-time of experience providing in-home care experience with the elderly and disabled children. Celina has always been involved in her church including: Prayer team, Women’s Ministry, and a Children’s Sunday School teacher.  Celina is a strong mom who has a PHD in raising healthy college graduates on her own and is familiar with the challenges of co-parenting through divorce, post-divorce trauma, and restoration for entire family. 

Lisa Welter

Lisa has 20+ years combined experience as a pastor and nonprofit leader in child welfare including:

  • mediation in congregational care needs such as marital crisis, teen/parent conflict, blended family conflict, domestic violence, and addiction;

  • prevention services to support families during child protection investigations or as families are being reunited from foster care; 

  • executive coaching and leadership development for executive leaders;

  • and creating collaborative win/win environments in the midst of diverse representation.

She has a MA in Transformational Leadership and working on a Doctorate at Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, MN. She brings a wealth of personal knowledge to family conflict including blended family, grandparents, divorce, abuse, and domestic violence.  And also has equipped organizations and government to learn transformative mediation for team unity, supervisor trainings, etc. She and husband, Cary, have 3 young adult children.