The Coffee Table

"I needed a safe group of other women to become confident in practicing Circles and also get support!

This was perfect and so refreshing!"  (Stepmom of 4)

The Coffee Table is a women's coaching community designed to be THE PLACE for developing confidence to use the circle process. Women will be inspired, receive prayer support, and find other women like them to brainstorm circle ideas with their situations.
Why women?  Often times, women are at the heart of home. She's breathing life to her family! She's usually the one managing children's activities and keeping the peace. Having a game-plan and creative strategies for the emotional nuances that come her way can make all the difference. The Coffee Table helps women continue in her pursuit to develop a strong family.
The Coffee Table is a 4-part series occurring virtually,
in-person, or even in a weekend retreat style.  

The Coffee Table Coaches

Our Coffee Table Coaches would love to support you.
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The Coffee Table 
supports our Circle Kit. 

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