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We can help.

Functioning families matter to us.

Every person's voice matters to us.

Kid's and parent's dreams matter to us.

Dumping toxicity is possible.

Allow us to partner with you - no matter what the conflict is - to help you achieve peaceful resolution and move forward with life.  And we offer a pathway outside of the family courts.

Looking for a peaceful divorce, parenting plan, custody, and division of assets? Let us help. 

Or perhaps you've experienced the pain of litigation and need restoration within relationships with your kids or loved ones.  We can help with that and train you do handle conflict at home too.

Our experience includes: 

  • Child Custody

  • Dissolution/Divorce

  • General Family

  • Parenting Time/Child Visitation

  • Post-Dissolution Matters

  • Kinship/Foster Care 

  • Blended Family Conflict

  • Household Teen/Parent Conflict

  • Mental Health 

The Katallasso Group & mediators are listed on the Minnesota Judicial Branch, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Rule 114 Roster of Qualified Neutrals.