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The Katallasso Group was born of a desire to see transformation in how our society and culture helps families in conflict.  Having decades of combined professional, legal and personal experience, our Chief Collaborators - Lisa Welter, MATL and Jen Konieczny, Esq., are laser-focused to train and equip others in Transformative Family Mediation and give them every tool they need before exiting training to see this change happen. 


Families in conflict find themselves on traditional pathways of engaging systems to help them through their conflicts, whether that is the court system or counties and agencies that address child welfare.  These pathways most often result in heightened conflict, rather than a sense of "just" resolution for families and also, a greater likelihood of a "revolving door" with the courts and child welfare issues, since the underlying relational causes of the conflict never get addressed.


We are grateful that our local judicial system (and most jurisdictions around the country) agrees that families in conflict are best served by engaging with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices that keep families in the driver’s seat, as they make difficult decisions that will impact generations of their family. We align with those values, training others to leverage the benefits of the ADR system already in place to help families minimize both cost and escalating adversarial processes that are typically promoted as “the only option” for families in conflict. 

Our training is not a “training as usual” type of experience. We truly set our students up for success by incorporating mediation skill sets, leadership development and inclusion of restorative practices called “circle.”  It is critical that mediators operate as “neutral facilitators" when representing their clients in conflict and our hybrid training approach equips our mediation students to hit the ground running upon completion of the program.  One thing is for sure – this training will not only equip you with phenomenal skill sets in conflict resolution, it will change YOU!

We have trained a wide variety of individuals in mediation and restorative leadership skill sets including attorneys, pastors, business owners, entities and counties supporting child welfare matters and individuals who have personally experienced the pain of traditional pathways for resolving family conflict, that want to "be the change" for other families needing a better way forward.  If you have a desire to help families, communities and our world work towards peaceful outcomes in the wake of conflict, this training is for you!

Take a look at our Training opportunities here and our Mediator Resources here.  Please also take a look at our FAQ page here.

Read more about Lisa Welter, MATL and Jen Konieczny, Esq. below.  Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to see you soon!



Lisa J. Welter


Lisa Welter is an executive leader with 20+ years experience across nonprofit, church, and government contexts. Holding a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership and pursuing a Doctorate in Leadership (Bethel University & Seminary, St. Paul, MN), Lisa leads with moxie to implement change. She is a licensed pastor, a trained family mediator (Mitchell Hamline University) and trainer, executive coach, a skilled practitioner of restorative circles, and an Air Force veteran.

Lisa's passion for equipping highly trained neutral facilitators and challenging the social norms of adversarial tones comes from her personal and professional experience in the family court system.  With 150 + hearings related to her own divorce, child abuse, domestic violence, custody, and grandparent litigations - she has unique perspective to offer legal professionals and others. Professionally, she witnessed painful and repetitive experiences of families engaged in child protection, foster care, parental incarceration, substance abuse, and adoption. 


Lisa and her husband, Cary, have been married for 13 years and have successfully launched 3 young adult children. They live in St. Paul, MN and enjoy being empty-nesters. 

Jen Konieczny


Jen Konieczny is a licensed MN attorney, trained family mediator (Qualified Neutral) and licensed pastor within the Converge NorthCentral network. She has over 20 years of experience in the legal field, including running her own successful solo law practice for 13 years. Jen has a pioneering spirit and strives to achieve what is possible vs. what is predictable. 

Jen's sweet spot inside of this work is coaching and developing others in the areas of mediation skills, restorative leadership and entrepreneurialism.  She is gifted at reading people, helping them articulate their goals, dreams and fears, excavating the "gold" in them and helping them break through self-limiting barriers to find confidence, peace and success. Jen has extensive experience working with couples and families in conflict, as she facilitates an environment of being heard, seen and validated in order for conflict to dissipate.  Her pastoral lens has been particularly helpful in developing greater health in leaders, as those on the front lines can use their influence and authority for either great or destructive outcomes. 

Jen holds a J.D from William Mitchell College of Law and B.S. from University of MN-Duluth. Jen has been married to Mike for 21 years and they have one teenage son.