We offer pathways of hope, healing, and peace as an alternative dispute resolution center and leadership training center focused on transformative mediation.

As Christian pastors and family mediators, we've learned a thing or two about what's missing in our communities, our homes, and our churches - which has impacted all of American culture today as we see current events unfold.  We're not helping people live well together (in spite of their differences) in everyday life and especially in conflict. 

Head to the family court system and you'll see the adversarial atmosphere. Half of America's families have darkened the threshold of the family court through divorce.  And we have approximately 500,000 children in foster care across the 50 states - that is a lot of hurting families.  Just think about it - with that many families engaged with the family court system and hiring lawyers who zealously "fight to win at any cost" - it makes sense why America is divided today. The family justice system has unfortunately encouraged and endorsed a winner/loser mentality, labeling, and an adversarial atmosphere causing further division as orders are signed for families to then go live out. 

It's time for a reset!  Transformative Mediation is a process that retains your voice and power through a community-based approach allowing for creative brainstorming to determine your pathway forward. Our team knows how to offer healthy leadership through your conflict process and help you come out of it better than when you started.


Lisa J. Welter - Founder & CEO

Lisa Welter is a licensed pastor within the Converge NorthCentral network for almost a decade and a trained family mediator (Qualified Neutral) having mostly mediating in congregational families.  She has held state and national leadership positions in child welfare nonprofits leading the way to build bridges with local government, church, and community volunteers.  Lisa has successfully initiated and launched community collaboratives in 18 Minnesota county human services after having testified/passed 2017 MN Legislative Bill: Co-Recruitment of Foster Homes using Nontraditional Partners.


Lisa has plenty of personal and professional experience in the family court system.  On a personal level, she's experienced the family courts with 150 + hearings related to divorce, child abuse, domestic violence, custody, and grandparent litigation. Professionally, she has experience with the family courts related to child protection, foster care, parental incarceration, substance abuse, and adoption. Lisa has unique knowledge/experience of what the courts are capable of addressing that brings change and what community assets are catalyzed to fulfill transformation.


She holds a Master's in Transformational Leadership & currently working on a doctorate at Bethel Seminary. Lisa and her husband, Cary, have 3 young adult children. 

Jen Konieczny is the Chief Community Officer for The Katallasso Group.  Jen has 20 years of experience in the legal field as well as over 13 years of experience in ministry.  Jen has has a pioneering spirit and strives to achieve what is possible vs. what is predictable. She is also a licensed pastor through Converge NorthCentral network and a trained family mediator (Qualified Neutral).


Jen has extensive experience helping couples address and resolve interpersonal and family conflict through her pastoral work and ministry.  She has also helped ministry leaders and pastors work through their own conflicts, whether in their personal or work relationships, leadership, spiritual life or emotional hurts and traumas, in confidential, safe and spiritually-grounded environments.


Jen’s focus in The Katallasso Group includes coaching and developing our team, in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurialism and spiritual growth, as well as providing transformative mediation services to couples and families in conflict.  She holds a J.D from William Mitchell College of Law and B.S. from University of MN-Duluth. Jen is married to Mike and they have one teenage son.

Jen Konieczny - CCO & Lawyer



At CTM, we train and qualify our family transformative mediators through a more rigerous process than typical mediation training.  Meaning, our team has been hand-selected and worked through their own leadership process to be prepared, healthy, and ready to support you.