We believe families are the core of our social fabric. When family structures are compromised, unstable, fractured, or in great conflict - both parents and kids struggle when engaging with traditional justice approaches.  Most of the internal conflict or harm does not get resolved in traditional approaches therefor our communities suffer too.

Do you know a family that has gone through a divorce? Has the conflict gone after divorce papers are signed or do the lingering effects of conflict continue for months even years later? It doesn't have to be that way! When providers, church leaders, or those providing counsel along the way can be equipped in restorative leadership - they can share an ancient practice that challenges the cultural norms and equip families to work through the most sensitive matters in a way that they can build consensus or live with a way forward everyone can agree with. 

How about families that interact with the foster care system?  To some degree - harm has occurred and that harm must be repaired. The community can be trained in restorative leadership practices to surround that parent and model healthy living for as long as needed but ultimately repairing harm and taking responsibility to make it right. 

Restorative leadership is about empowering and equipping providers, churches, legal staff, everyday people, therapists, social workers...you get the point: EVERYONE to take responsibility to help families be the heroes of their own stories and put the power back in their hands with the support of others.  


What's so special about restorative leadership practices? 

We all commit to these beliefs and help others do the same in a structured and highly effective communication framework:

All people have inherent dignity, value, and worth.

All people (even the ones who hurt others) have a unique purpose to fulfill in life.

All people have gifts, talents, and skills that are needed in our world to contribute.  

We all want to be in a good relationship with one another.

Our behavior impacts one another - we are all interconnected.

We have what need to create positive change in our lives.

We recognize people from a holistic perspective (mind, spirit, body).

The family or household is the core social structure.  When families are equipped to live well together - so will the community.


A Greek term: Katallássō 

katá: "down to an exact point"

allássō: "to properly, decisively change, as when two parties 

reconcile when coming to the same position.

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