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Flower Bud Petals

Restoring Home &
Your Leadership through Coaching

You are not the only one. And you are not alone!

If you are a parent, guardian, or caregiver struggling with conflict or chronic issues at home - this is for you.

We work directly with parents and caregivers by offering real-time daily support and coach you by phone. We'll introduce restorative leadership skills and straightforward, practical coaching.

It's anonymous. You've got nothing to lose.


Monday- Friday

4:30 - 6 pm CST

Our Restoring Home team of Rule 114 Restorative Family Mediators are available and care. 

Remain anonymous.

Get support. 
Tell your story. 

Get daily practical ideas/tips from our team.

 Listen and learn from others.

Find hope and new possibilities.

Build better relationships at home with new skills.

Flower Bud Petals

What is Restorative Leadership Development & Coaching about?

We empower, equip, and assist you in understanding your family as an emotional system. When one gets anxious or mad, it usually spills out onto others. Often, we can get caught up in the conflict or anxiety ourselves and get stuck. The whole family can be affected if it lasts for a long time.

We educate you in family systems and give you tools to address the emotional processes happening at home while also coaching you to be the safe and stable leader you want to be.

Raising kids or teens is complex; most parents benefit from coaching to address conflict. We'll coach and support you along the way.

Our approach includes restorative principles and practices informed by a family systems lens emphasizing well-differentiated leadership.

What can we help you with?

If you have conflict or a chronic issue that keeps resurfacing, we can help!


Chronic Absenteeism or Truancy

Kids or Youth with foster, adoptive, or kinship related history

Substance abuse in youth

Youth mental health

Disclaimer: Our parent/caregiver leadership development and coaching is not therapy. It is a conflict resolution group coaching program designed to support and strengthen families as they move forward.

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