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Restorative Family Mediation 40-hr Training for 2024

We're the home of Restorative Family Mediation™ and Restorative Leadership™. We offer certified 40-hour alternative dispute resolution training by the Minnesota State Court Administrator, ADR Program, and more. Our 40-hour Restorative Family Mediation™ training is available July 22-26, 2024 in an online format for $480 per person. 

Over the one-week online intensive 40-hour training scheduled for July 22-26 8am-5pm, students will learn the following: 


  • The priorities and expectations of a neutral, including cultural competency and elimination of bias, and how to safeguard and protect the mediation environment from power imbalances. 

  • 4 hours of conflict resolution theory, the mediation process, ADR statutes & Rule 114, and The Art of Neutrality (including case studies, teaching, and group discussion)

  • 4 hours of Psychological Issues related to separation and divorce, family dynamics (including case studies, teaching, group discussion, and roleplay),

  • 4 hours of the issues and needs of children in divorce (Psychological issues facing children in divorce/separation through teaching, case studies, group discussion, and roleplay), 

  • 6 hours of family law issues for family mediation (parenting time, visitation, assets/debt distribution/valuation, custody, child and spousal support, and tax issues). This includes teaching, group discussion, and roleplay.

  • 5 hours of Family Budget and Finances (Family economics, Economics and Mediation, Budgeting for the Future, Case Studies, and Roleplay)

  • 2 hours of Ethics, Self-Determination of Parties, the role of mediators and parties attorneys in facilitative process, parties' rights to terminate process, and prohibition of mediators giving legal advice. (Ethical Standards, Party Self-Determination and Safeguarding/Protecting Mediation environments, Rule 114 Code of Ethics, and Role of Mediator vs Party Attorneys in Mediation, Group Discussion)

  • 2 hours of Domestic Abuse (General Overview), Legal Definitions, Dynamics of Abusive Relationships, and types of power imbalance (includes teaching, case studies, and statistics)

  • 3 hours of Domestic Abuse Screening in Simulation and Roleplay (Includes Common barriers of abusers, indicators of abuse, questionnaires and assessments to determine abuse, techniques for power imbalances including caucus, fishbowl, and community-based options with group discussion and roleplay).

  • 1 hour of legal issues related to Domestic Abuse cases (teaching, group discussion)

  •  This course portion is certified and approved by the MN State Court Administrationn Office for Rule 114 Roster (Family Facilitative/Hybrid Status). Students completing the course can apply for Rule 114 Qualified Neutral status.

Classes are limited to 20 people. 
We are approved providers for the MN Board of MFT, BH, SW, and CLEs. 

The flexibility you want to obtain continuing education at a fraction of the cost!

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