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Mankato, MN

Lea Kleinschmidt, Rule 114 Qualified Neutral,  invites you to her office at

Kleinschmidt Mediation

located at 125 Saint Andrew's Court, Suite 226, Mankato, MN 56001

Lea offers an inviting and casual space with lots of natural light, comfortable seating, and flexible options for privacy.  Handicap accessible.  

Scott Faust, Rule 114 Qualified Neutral, invites you to meet at a location of your convenience - even in your home!

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Select a Mediator & schedule a FREE 15 min consult


Fill out forms & pay $25 nonrefundable one time admin fee 


Confirm the mediation

day/time & mediate!


Rule 114 Qualified Neutral    $75/hr

Lea Kleinschmidt

Lea peacefully resolves divorce, parenting time, and all family law matters. Read more about Lea

FAUST CHERRY BLOSSOMS - scott faust.jpg

Rule 114 Qualified Neutral    $75/hr

Scott Faust, Qualified Neutral 

Scott's areas of specialty include family and civil conflicts, youth/teens, and elders. He is very flexible to meet at your convenience! Read more about Scott. 

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