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Are you looking to creatively brainstorm or strategize how to implement your new restorative skillset into a new or existing practice, nonprofit, business, or ministry?


Request executive restorative coaching with Lisa at $50/hour.

  • It is reserved and available only for RFM alums.

  • It is individual leadership coaching to help you design, strategize, or implement your new skillset.

  • Coaching can help you guide your existing staff, programs, board, or more.

  • Individual coaching is not organizational consulting. Lisa focuses on restorative leaders as they develop and expand their skills to impact their organizations. 

  • Coaching sessions are all scheduled via Zoom or phone in 75 - 90 minute increments.

  • Executive coaching is customized to empower and uncover what is already within you! The coaching process usually lasts 2 - 4 sessions.

Executive Restorative Coaching Available

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