First of all - we're sorry.  We know you've arrived at this page challenged with a relationship that isn't working. 

We can help and do it without the involvement of lawyers and get you to a place with a signed agreement to file in the court. Done. Are you ready to hear more?

How about this? We'll even help get you onto a pathway towards wholeness as you complete this process!  Yep!

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Divorce, Custody, & More

What it looks like.

Our transformative mediation team has crafted a mediation process with you coming out on the other side better and free to go live out the future you've agreed to. Even toxic relationships can find resolution. Saving you time and money in the long run.

DivorceHigh Conflict Transformative Medi
DivorceHigh Conflict Transformative Medi

A better investment and cheaper than a lawyer!

Optional, included in mediation agreement, no extra fees. Meant to fill your bucket.

Worth it's weight in gold! A custom workshop for your kids or new household to handle the future.